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Jesus, Do I Love Him (Part 2)

The seasons that followed that day, to put it simply, were wilderness years though I was far from aware that I was in it at first. I thought I could take it from there. If my friends who don’t believe in God can do well and be happy, I thought to myself, “I could also do the same!”.

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Jesus, Do I Love Him? Part 1

It was, if my memory serves me correctly, the year 2014. I was in one of the bedrooms of my parents’ house. I can no longer remember the exact date but I can remember how I felt that day. I can remember what I was staring at when I felt that distinct kind of inner disposition while lying down on my bed, the wall. The feelings were flooding in, sinking in, all the betrayal, lies, mockery, gossip and insults that happened in the previous events that unfolded.

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