Hello 2018, Let’s Start With Peace


A Letter to 2017 Self

I was thinking of what I could put as my first post for 2018. I got this idea to write a letter for my 2017 self from Pocket Fuel's (@pocketfuel) on instagram. I think it's a good idea to start in a good and healthy slate with oneself. If you find yourself here, I hope this may encourage you to know that you're not alone in your challenges, maybe you would also want to do something similar.

A Letter of Grace and Forgiveness to 2017 Shai

I love you.
I ask dear self, please please please stop letting negative people define you.
I know it's hard, I forgive you.
It's worth the energy to resist what others say - those that come from a place of envy, jealousy and malice.

Know that not everyone wants to see you heal, get up and keep going.
Know that this is possible even to the ones that seem "closest" to you.
Some would even disguise themselves as the voice of God in your life.
I warn you. I remind you.

Watch out for the religious.
Ones who attend church on Sundays consistently.
Ones who surround themselves with other christians.
Yet, behind closed doors, are duplicitous.
If they are not righteous, don't heed what they have to say for your life.
It's a warfare.
It's going to require energy from you, but please trust me,
it's going to be worth it.

Don't be too hard on yourself.
Don't take work too seriously.
Don't be afraid.
But when you feel like crying for a moment,
don't let others make you feel bad for it.

It's okay

It's okay to be on your own fence.
What I mean is, when people criticize you,
it's okay to be on your side.
It's okay to love yourself.
Don't be afraid to love yourself.

What happens to you, does not define you.
How people treat you, does not define you.
Separate your identity, value and worth from external factors.
They cannot change who you are.
I know you've heard this too many times,
but it is true: you are bought with a price.

Stop relying on your ownself.
You have a beautiful Savior ready to carry you,
until you are old and grey!
I know it's too good to be true, please believe it.

You are okay.
That's what your enemies don't want you to know!

You are forgiven.
You are redeemed.
You are white as snow!
You are beloved.

And now I decree over your life today,
abundant grace, mercy, and total well-being
from God the Father and the Anointed One,
Lord Jesus.

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