Spider-Man : Homecoming 2017 Movie Review

Spider-Man Homecoming

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Spider-Man : Homecoming

Spider-Man : Homecoming, a coming-of-age story of your friendly neighborhood. I last saw Spider-Man from Captain America: Civil War (2016), I remember the astonishment I felt when I saw Spidey on the said movie's teaser trailer last year and true enough his appearance was a delight in the full version. Now this year, we get to zoom in on Peter Parker, outside of the Avengers, sort of. We see his life living in a small New York apartment with aunt May (played by Marisa Tomei), attending high school plus the concerns that comes with being a teen.


The consequences of the previous films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (The Avengers (2012), Iron Man 3 (2013) and Captain America: Civil War (2016)... to say the least) are still felt in this film's world.

How is life like for a young man who experienced fighting with the Avengers, met Tony Stark, acquired a cool new suit, and is now coming back to High School. That's what we see. We get to see what kind of a kid Peter is, his extra-curricular activities, his crush and the stereotype/label he falls under. It is a high school movie. Quite a refreshing break from the previous Marvel styles we’ve seen lately and it fits just right.

The New Spider-Man

Co-written and directed by Jon Watts. Yes, first few minutes in, I thought of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, I wondered how I would feel about the new actor behind the new Spider-Man. Played by Tom Holland, he reminds me of that another handsome young man from the film Kingsman: Secret Service, Taron Egerton. Yet, he is his own character. The character is still lovable and easy to empathize with. Tom Holland’s acting, great. If I am twelve years old, I'd most definitely have a crush on him and I won't be surprised if kids and teens would. This version of the Spider-Man character is well done, in my opinion.

Let's talk about Michael Keaton.

Alejandro González Iñárritu's film, Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) (2014) is still fresh on my mind. Seeing Keaton as Vulture, I can't help but be reminded of the said film. Vulture, another very well played character by him. Every scene he is on, he steals the spotlight. I highlight his performance on moments where the said psychopathic villain has to interact like a normal functioning citizen to others. Keaton has done this remarkably, by acting normal on a surface level and yet somehow he still gives us the creeps.

Next, Donald Glover.

Something about this guy that made me feel like I saw an old friend when he appeared on screen, I exclaimed in my head, "Hey, it's Donald Glover!". Like we know each other back in college. Obviously, must be from watching Community TV Series.


Plays Michelle, goes to the same school as Peter Parker. It was surprising for her to take this role. She had funny moments. She was good.


I enjoyed the film. There were heart-tugging bits and points that I could relate to about growing up. I cared for Peter in this film, I always love it when movies do that. I felt like an older sister watching her little brother grow through what he has to go through.

And like a bow-tie for us audiences, the end title animation is fitting, cute and awesome.

Already out in the cinemas now for most countries. (July 12 - France; July 13 - Germany; July 14 - Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, July 19 - Belgium; July 28 - Spain; August 11, 2017 - Japan.)

You may want to check out the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer with commentary from the film's director Jon Watts.

Spider-Man: Homecoming on IMDB

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  • OMG! Every time I see the Kingsman trailer, I always whisper to my boyfriend, “The kid in this movie looks just like the kid from the new Spider-Man.” I’m glad to see someone else notice that too. 🙂

    I just watched Spider-Man last night, and I LOVED it!! I agree with it having a different feel from previous Marvel movies but fitting in perfectly with the MCU. The acting was amazing, and the post-credit scenes were great!

    • Glad to know it’s not just me! 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  • I haven’t seen this yet (hopefully soon!) but I’m anxious to! I thought he did a great job in the Captain America movie. Curious to see how it’ll play out in a full feature!