No Shame: Chick Flick / Rom-Com Movies

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Chick Flicks / Rom-Com Movies

They say whatever you hide in the dark may only breed shame. So, as written in my title, I’m coming right out to whoever may read this post, I do enjoy watching chick flicks and/or rom-com movies. Yes, that may make me sound lame to some but I don’t care. 😉 I watch and enjoy it. I thought me attending film school back then may somehow change it. Well, here we are and I’m even blogging about it.

Here’s a list of the ones I like / love.

I have arranged this according to what is freshest on my mind (because I recently been on Netflix a little bit too much - working on this. ) to what I can remember (that I honestly do genuinely love).

Okay. Moving forward…

1. Maid in Manhattan (2002)

I didn’t want to watch it because I didn’t feel like seeing another “cinderella story” type. One day, Netflix keep suggesting this to me and so I gave it a chance (which is another seemingly embarrassing evidence that I’m on Netflix too much and some may tell me that I need to go out and get a life. Don’t judge me, I’m busy and I have my reasons.) ANYWAY….

I enjoyed it. It is actually well-made in my own humble opinion. I like this line right here:

Marisa Ventura (played by Jennifer Lopez) shows such beautiful character. The whole thing also gives me the early-2000’s vibes = nostalgic cute.

2. Man Up (2015)

It stars Simon Pegg and Lake Bell, a love story set in London. First of all, the location in itself is already a character in this movie. It amped up the charm, or is it just me? Oh well… this is my blog after all.
The lead, Nancy, is a single woman in her early 30’s. She’s awkward and a bit strange, not in a ‘New Girl’ adorkable way either. It was fascinating to see her find love.

3. The Holiday (2006)

I told you, this is a chick-click / rom-com list. Jude Law as Graham in this film makes you want to ask everywhere how you can buy him. Creepy? Sorry. I’m kidding. Movie’s light enough for those days where you don’t want to think of anything heavy and stressful yet still compelling to keep you interested all throughout. Love (Cameron Diaz) Amanda’s job description as a blockbuster trailer video editor in California. Just me again?

4. Legally Blonde (2001)

One of the most empowering scenes in this movie was when Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) helped Paulette (her manicurist) take her dog back from her ex-boyfriend. A simple scene with so many feels!

5. Elizabethtown (2005)

I can complain about many things in the film but all that is thrown out the window because Orlando Bloom.


6. The Prince And Me (2004)

Julia Stiles throws me back to late 90’s to early 2000’s. Felt too cool for prince charming stories at first but I admit, as I watched, it made me feel things, then that is enough. It’s adorable. As a result, I am including it in this list.

7. The Duff (2015)

This was fun to watch. Played this having no idea what it is about. Mae Whitman was awesome here, she plays Bianca who had been labeled as the DUFF in her high school ( Designated Ugly Fat Friend ). It's a teen movie with a lesson that even adults can take notes from. 🙂 ✌

8. Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)

This eighth selection makes the list officially 'girly' and I do not care. 🙂 Love this. Don't judge me.

Directed by Elizabeth Banks. Girl power! The film is fun and I love how profound what it's trying to say, if I got it correctly, the message is to OWN IT. When we make mistakes, own it. When we seem to find ourselves being overpowered by someone else considered as our "competition", let's remain true about who we are. And when we are getting older, let's move on to the next phase of what life has to offer and give the stage to the ones next in line.

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