HOPE: Girlboss, True Friends & Progress

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(The post may contain spoilers)

I finished season one of this TV show called Girlboss a few days ago. It’s loosely based on Sophia Amoruso’s story on how she started the brand, Nasty Gal.

I rejected the show twice at first because the opening scenes gave me an impression that it was probably another show we see these days that glamorizes anything…well… nasty. For some reason, one night, I gave it a chance and sat through one episode. After that, I finished the whole season.

Yes, there are scenes that need to be watched with caution and wisdom, I think. But once I get past some of it, the show… makes sense. Actually, man, there are great moments in it that are real and made me shed a few tears.

Beyond Normal Childhood and True Friends

The re-telling of how Sophia and Annie's friendship was formed, I enjoyed seeing this. If you didn’t grow up with a “normal” upbringing there’s a tendency to not fit in. I related to her story so much. Mine wasn’t the same thing as hers but the essence is quite the same. I knew how it’s like to experience true friendships with the seemingly most random and unexpected people, too precious. It reminded me of the kind that sits with you in failure and tells you they love you. The “misfits” encouraged and believed in her. It was nice to see the characters support and love each other through the ups and downs.


And she didn’t stay where we, the audience, find her in the beginning. As the show reach the later episodes, there is a rocky progression. Still, she was progressing. It was compelling to see how her life changed one step at a time as she pursues her passion that would later improve her life.

This scene on the bridge though!

girlboss sophia bridge

Your Past and Present Do Not Define You

The catalytic moment when she went to visit her mother, it’s something not everyone may understand. It's not easy to get out of a bad upbringing. In the end, we see her make good choices, that aren't easy. As season one ends, the direction of her life starts to shift into something healthy, good and promising.

So I conclude that this show, viewed the right way and with grace to the portrayal of the character’s flaws (may seem too obscene or disturbing to some), actually brings about… HOPE.
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  • Irasema Nickson

    I was contemplating starting to watch it. I love the title. I consider myself as a girl boss since I’ve overcome some recent obstacles and am enduring!


      Thank you! Right? Keep at it.