In my opinion, I think that once the enemy of our souls gets a piece of lie in the space of what we believe about our identity, it's game over.

Okay. Maybe not game over. With Jesus, nothing is impossible.

In the presence of Prom Queens and Jocks.

The Prom Queens and Jocks can also be applied metaphorically in different environments. That guy or girl who seems like they are the best ones in the room. They can genuinely be good people who had been successful in some areas of their lives or sometimes they can also be the mean ones who had everyone around them fooled. Whatever it is, I don't know about you but for me, I experience a split second of choice whenever I find myself in the same room with these types: am I going to assume that just because this person looks awesome that I'm already 'less', eventually acting in congruent to what i believe, all day or night? Or would I acknowledge this person as, “hey he/she seems awesome” while also acknowledging that who I am and my value doesn’t change even when someone else seems good looking, smart or whatever it is.

YOUR VALUE DOES NOT CHANGE. Stay there and be rock solid about it.

Social Media Analytics.

You've probably heard this plenty of times before. Your views, follows, likes and other engagements on social media does not define you. It also doesn't define your neighbor who has had 1 million views on Youtube.

It’s tempting but don’t put your neighbor on a pedestal if they get good counts online. They are human. Be happy for their successes. Then leave it there.

Focus on doing what you are here on earth for and give it your 100% . I don’t claim to be an expert because I struggle with this as well. But I think it’s better to put our energies on what we are meant to do with our time instead of looking around and thinking other people are super-humans just because they’ve got great online counts then ending up making yourself feel lower than you really are. Stay amazing. 😉


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  • Such a positive post! Most of us sometimes forget why we blog/vlog and get carried away with numbers.

    Pinar |


      Agree. Thanks Pinar! 🙂