Month: May 2017

Things That Made Me Happy This Month | May 2017

Another month has come to an end. Sometimes I tend to fall for the habit of narrowing in on things that bother me or what I don’t like, it happens subtly. This is why right now I think it’s a good idea to take inventory of what made me happy this month. Shifts perspective. Shifts mood.

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I Turned 28.

I know. Scary. I say this because I feel like I’ve subconsciously put a benchmark of what I would like achieved by the time I’m 30. 28 signals, only a few years left in my twenties. There is a slightly unpleasant feeling there but then it was quickly replaced by feeling a motivation to change. […]

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In my opinion, I think that once the enemy of our souls gets a piece of lie in the space of what we believe about our identity, it’s game over. Okay. Maybe not game over. With Jesus, nothing is impossible. In the presence of Prom Queens and Jocks. The Prom Queens and Jocks can also […]

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