The Impact of Distance

There are times when distance is needed. In hindsight, the moments in my life where I felt God wanted me to step back is when I become too close to something. Whether be it a pursuit of a goal, circle of friends, or a lifestyle. Sometimes, a thing doesn’t have to be sin, it can be something that is okay and maybe acceptable and yet there’ll be reasons why it would be best to step back. Most of the time, I am hesitant to do this. I want to be inside the ring, doing something. But by God’s grace, there were instances where He enabled me to step back, even if there’s a part of me that is kicking and screaming while doing so.


When God asks us to sit on the bench

  I don’t know about you, but for me, I feel like I have moments like this with God. There are times where He gives me the green light and He gives me all the resources plus the inward strength to do everything! But then… there are just moments where I am asked to sit on the bench.

It’s a challenge. I don’t know how to feel watching people I know pursue exciting things while I’m on my metaphorical bench. At the same time, I know God is good. My first experience of this, I didn’t know what will come out of the waiting. But then in that waiting, God led me to know Him more and let Him guide me. That eventually brought me to make different choices I wouldn’t probably even thought of hadn’t I stopped and allowed God to lead me.


  One of the best times of my life comes after waiting. It’s in that point in time we can step back from things that we didn’t notice were only distractions, in order for us to get the best of the best. I remember when I was a new Christian, the time I found that God granted the hidden desire of my heart, which I didn’t even verbally ask for, can’t compare to any feeling in this world. I learned experientially that He is not just sitting in heaven, watching if we are obeying rules. He cares. In a very thoughtful, I’ll die for you, care for you, love you, fix you, even give you that secret thing you don’t tell anyone about, kind of care. What a perfect best friend!


  How about you, are you on a bench right now?